Monday, December 13, 2010

Wonderuful works of art!

Ha ha!  Now this is my kind of tale!  Galahad and the Grail!  What a great image of his departure from the church.  Sirs Lancelot and Bors were wise men, and Galahad learned much from them throughout his time as a knight.

Galahad was always my favorite of all my fellow Knights.  Lancelot may have had his incredible strength and power on the battlefield, Gawain his bravery and courtesy, and Percival his prodigal talent, but none could match Galahad.  All but he, you see, were in some way susceptible to the ever-pervasive spectre of adulterous acts!
Galahad the Pure.  A true Grail Knight, wielder of the memory of its power and champion over the failures of all of us.  Galahad was powerful in arms and in speech, but it was the purity of his virgin soul that grants him the divine strength that all of his fellow knights, myself included, stupidly forfeited to our wives or lovers – if only we had known the magnitude of our mistake!

The quest for the Grail, while desperately long and so bleak so much of the time, is what truly tested out mettle as knights.  Galahad may be the best of us, but every knight had his own victories and experiences that must have caused a fundamental change in the knight – many of the men of the Round Table who survived the quest are not the same as I remember them.  

These images do bring back many memories of our days hunting after the Grail though.  I feel a deep sense of connection to all of these works, may God honor the man who made them.

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