Thursday, August 28, 2008


Many have come to court me, yet they never left with their lives. For my father Ysbaddaden chief giant would not let me marry for he would die. He would put demands on them that took there lives. When Culwch came into my life i gave my love and warned him not to waver when negotiating with my father. Culwch completed my fathers tasks and it was past time he did die. I, Olwen will be his only wife. I must thank Arthur for all his help, he made all this happen for us.

My Tale

I never tire of hearing the tale of how I won my wife. It is as they say that the right connections and fine breeding will get you far in life. However, I find attitude has much to do with success as well. More than once I had to remind my cousin, Arthur, of his obligation to me. Concerning my fair lady's father, I found him to be a slothful coward. He very much doubted my ability to win his daughter, but he misjudged the warriors and men of special talent on my side. The whole quest ended in fame and song's to be sung for eternity.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Greetings fellow knights and damsels

Hello. Welcome to Arthurian Legend, a class all about the greatest King of all time - that is - me.