Sunday, December 12, 2010

Delineations of Galahad

The image of Galahad as represented by the paintings of Abbey is a true model for those who wish to achieve prosperity. By his virtues and constant struggle through life to achieve what is impossible, he succeeded where no one else could. His eventual success shows how remaining true to one's cause is the only way to obtain the rewards that it offers and to fulfill one's role is to carry the burden of the task, no matter how great, and not break the rules even when faced with the most difficult conditions. Though Galahad was endowed with the knowledge and will necessary to seek out the greatest relic of human existence, his path could have been impeded if he should falter in preserving his innocence. Without this quality, the grail would no longer be in his reach, as proved by Bors and Percival. In order to achieve his highest purpose, Galahad even sacrificed his love of Blanchefleur. Though he may have given up his purity, he at least retained his innocence. I was because of this utter commitment to his highest purpose, not as a hero but as a savior to the king and the land, that he was favoured by the Grail and left behind all earthly burdens once this purpose was fulfilled.

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