Saturday, December 11, 2010

Guinevere's Musings

I find it fascinating that Edwin Austin Abbey only shows us Galahad's beautiful visage straight on in painting V. This the painting of the Castle of the Grail where the Fisher King lies as if dead. It was here that Galahad (or was it Percival?) was supposed to ask the question "Whom does the grail serve?" yet he did not. Does this essentially mean that we only see Galahad for who he really is once he has sinned? In all the other paintings, Galahad is shown in profile or even from behind, as in IX when he saved the maidens. Do we only see each other for who we truly are only when we have wronged?

Also, does any knight or lady know whose is the face looming behind Blanchefleur in painting X? Here, Galahad leaves her (poor girl) to finish his quest for the Grail. However, it looks as if he is leaving her to this dark figure and thus to her demise. How sad that neither Galahad nor Blanchefleur will ever partake in earthly joys for I believe that heaven can actually be found in them.

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