Friday, December 3, 2010

Fool-hardy Knights!

Arthur hast finally gotten it right! Thou once goodly knights are hotheaded and impulsive to have sallied forth on this fool’s errand to find the Grail! None but Galahad saw the vision of the Grail and so none but Galahad wast worthy enough to pursue it. Thou shouldst have listened to thy king and shouldst not have gone. Now I wouldst have understood if thou wert off slaying evil men and beasts for the honor of fairest ladies, or if a certain lady of thine heart put it to thee as a clever test for her love then…by all means. But no! Thou went simply for thyselves and abandoned your King, Queen, and country!

Tennyson wast right when he wrote that I “rode by Lancelot, wailed and shrieked aloud, ‘This madness has come on us for our sins.'" And madness it wast for Lancelot lost his wits and Percival drankst the dirt and Sir Bors wast seized and bound. Each of thou errest save Galahad (though, if thou asketh me, for all of his talk of chastity, he wast getting a bit close with Percival's sister).

I wouldst also liketh to point out that since all of thee hast sinned, thou canst stop pestering me about my affair with Lancelot. As the good Lord teacheth: thee without sin cast the first stone.


Arthur said...

Although it is hard not to be truly dissapointed in the wandering fires to which my great knights were distracted in their quest, it is hard to fault them without having been in their boots. Yea, when I spoke of these fires prior to their departures, twas only because I felt that it would have been near impossible for mine ownself to stay on the proper path as well. For as the King of the Britons, it is hard for me to deny a request from any such person I may have encountered across the land. So therefore, be not so harsh on these brave knights, for what might we have done in their situations after searching for ages?

Lancelot said...

My fair Queen,

You cannot mean to hurt me so! Yea, I was mad and my wits lost, but only for love of you! Everything about you screams for my attention and far be it for me to deny them. Arthur is my king and I shall endeavor to do his bidding with my best effort, but you must know it is you that enraptures me so... I cannot eat, I cannot speak, I cannot fight, I cannot ride, ... I cannot do anything without my love for you tearing me apart!

Please, my dear, lovely Queen, please grace me with at least one kind look, maybe a smile perhaps? Speak no more ill of me, for it shreds my very being every time you utter one condescending word against me.

Sir Launfal said...

True, My Queen, we are all not without sin - but it was the sins between you and Lancelot that contributed to the collapse of the kingdom. At the very least the fellowship of the Round Table was shattered beyond salvaging by thy lust. I cannot in good conscience stand by and allow thee to justify thy treasonous deeds or to minimize their gravity.

Love is a terrible burden to bear, I know - but it does not eclipse the responsibility of a Queen.