Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh how beautiful! These paintings upon the walls of Abbey move me in many ways. Initially, I was touched by the grace and flow of the paintings. The story is told very clearly and emotionally. Though some are a bit brutal and physically unpleasant to serene eyes, the emotional story that is told is very satisfying to the soul. This quest for the grail is already very dear and emotional to me because it has such a heavy affect on my son. Being a woman of virtue, I take a great attachment to spirituality and this quest is one of the purest spiritual pilgrimages known. The very fact that my son Arthur, took so much of his time leading this quest holds it close to me. I also marveled at the haunting effect the paintings had. They were not only hauntingly beautiful, but rather haunting as in fearful. The images of Joseph of Arimathea and the spiritual figures dressed in red and white while partially cloaked were very chilling. I believe these were all so scary because the quest itself was as well. It was painful, tiresome and seemingly impossible. However, eventually, it was completed. Haunting pictures of a haunting journey.

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