Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In defense of Excalibur

Recently I have viewed John Boorman's most excellent film Excalibur and was overjoyed to see that it has stood the test of time as a fantasy epic that has a strong moral center. From the glittering beauty of Guinevere to the dark sensuousness of Morgana and the men that struggle in their webs, brave King Arthur and doomed Sir Lancelot, the power of the film lies in the way that the morality of our time is represented. In this film, all evil actions are brought home, even when committed by those with pure hearts. There is no black and white, villain or hero, all within the realm of Camelot are painted in shades of grey, as they were in life. Even the treachery of the lovers Lancelot and Guinevere is understood, as you see the punishment that they have brought upon themselves, as brave Lancelot becomes a gibbering tool of zealotry and Guinevere forswears all congress with men, shutting her heart away in a cold abbey. Even Arthur, grown from a bubbling boy to a noble king, admits his faults and goes to his death with a clear sense of how he came to this lamentable pass. I know that some of my fellow kinsmen laugh and look on this film as a old and campy mess, but watch it again with a open mind and heart, see the magic that lies in all men, look into the dragon and let it sear your soul as it paints a glorious picture of a time that we will neer see again.......

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