Friday, December 17, 2010

My Farewell to the Round Table

To the knights of the Round Table:

I have heard that the Round Table is in great trouble. I am now currently questing with Niviane along with her knights. I sense that Arthur is preparing a fight against Mordred and his army. We expect to reach the battlefield in ten days. I will recover the Excalibur as soon as possible for Arthur's keeping. Mordred will be no match against this sword. I know a dwarf that can sharpen the blade to my liking. Not even the toughest dragon in the kingdom of Logres will be able to withstand the blade.

We're currently resting at a small house where there lies the most extravagant furnishings. Why you should see the the red cloth covering the tomb inside! The two lovers entombed inside had a splend time living here. This is indeed a beautiful place. Oh my, I'm getting rather drowsy. I need to rest. It must be late at night, for I see a full moon outside. Our company will depart at dawn tommorrow.

Your friend,

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