Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What a strange place!

What in the name of all belonging to England!? Tiny iron gates protect the labyrinth containing the fragile boxes with glass lids on the covers. So many people and it took much time to find a place to dismount and tie my horse. I was in Fortune’s grace however because one of the castles surrounding the labyrinth made change for the parking meetres; Star-Deer or I think they call them “Bucks.” Stupid lady looked at me funny! Who heard of a spinning door! The city is a confusing place but inside the puzzle palace is where the real horror begins. What magic or trickery can turn Lions to stone? Is this some type of warning to those who are in the possessing the courage greater than I? Or do they have majick to also reanimate into flesh and attack intruders. Ah, but the red knight in those haunting wall drawing made it all worth the while. Such a story, but where’s my representation? Are the painters of the court afraid to take a drawing of me? They take drawings of people with wings!

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