Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Minute Controversy, I know

Oh how distasteful. This Monty Python film was lacking in humor and filled with crude content. Maybe I am much too olden and mile at heart to understand this sort of debauchary, but I haven't an idea as to why mocking the quest for the Grail is humorous. This quest was spiritual and enlightening and almost impossible to a mere mortal, yet here it is being satirized and followed by roaring laughter. I do no understand. My son holds too high honor to be discredited as foolish and powerless. Had he any true flaw, it would not be idly laughed upon. Kings are no laughing stocks, rather soveriegn rulers. I just do not understand. Some of the content can be humr when it makes a political statement, but if the humor IS political, what is really being said about my honorable Arthur?

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