Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Siege Perilous looks Different...

I've had occasion to see some interesting murals in my time, for I do on occasion get out of my forest. This particular one, Galahad Being Led to the Seat Perilous, is rather different than I had envisioned. I always thought that the seat, or Siege Perilous, was that one extra seat at the round table. In this mural however, it looks like a veritable throne complete with awning, gold in-lay, and silk trappings.

I can't imagine that the figure in the hooded, cowled white robe could possibly be my favorite baddie Arthur. I think it is more likely Merlin, or some other such person. Galahad himself, adorned in robes of red (like the blood in the cup?) seems bashful and humble, as he should. The multitude of onlookers stretches around the entire mural, fading out somewhat in the background. Over the shoulder of the figure in white, I can see a sword hilt being raised aloft, possibly Excalibur, which would mean that Arthur is present, but relegated to the background. Hah! The obvious focus is the seat itself, and Galahad's arrival to claim it. I'll bet he didn't trick his way there (see what I did Arthur? Gawain?)

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Galahad said...

Though the representation may not be the most accurate of all, my representation at the very least shows the majesty and wonder that comes from my unique abilities as one the greatest knight. It was none other than the man you lament, the bold and brave King Arthur who gave me that title. So fear not for inaccurate artistic representation, fear for you shall never be a greater knight than I.