Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Re: Guinevere's Profile. Knight Seeking Queen

My dear, fair Queen:

Could it really be possible you love me half as much as I love you? After looking at your profile, it does, indeed, seem as if you are just as enamored. I must confess, I read and reread it countless times, trying to discern whether my eyes were deceiving me or not, and if I may be so bold as to say that I do believe they were not! Oh, my beloved, it warms my heart every time I see that you described me as your knight in shining armor. I will always be yours; my entire being was made with you in mind.

It says that your favorite books are anything written about me. My question to you is whether you prefer Chretien de Troyes or Malory's portrayal of myself. I shall strive to be which ever type of knight appeals to you most.

Yours forever and ever,

ps. Is Arthur around? Do you think we can possibly meet up later? My heart is near bursting at this discovery and I must see you.


Guinevere said...
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Guinevere said...

Oh My Love, My Lancelot,

You are truly the knight of the cart and the knight of my heart. Whilst I was writing my profile, I obviously had only you in mind. I can hardly eat nor sleep for my mind is constantly filled with you. I have read each of your posts a million times thinking, oh my beloved, if only you would write to me...then you did! How my heart leapt within my breast to know that you think of me often as I do you!

My favorite author is Chr├ętien because he so truly captures the perfect love between us and your valor. I was in terror thinking of you whilst you crossed the sword bridge, but oh, that you did it for me! My heart belongs only to you for all eternity.

Your faithful lady,

p.s. Does Tuesday at noon sound good? Arthur will be off hunting a boar and I will be waiting in my chamber...

King Mark said...

I believe that you both show much disrespect for your lord by so brazen a showing of your perfidy and betrayal! Do you not think of the pain that you bring to the one who has brought peace and prosperity to your land!? Brother King, I know too well how you must suffer with the gross misdeeds of your most beloved friends, a wife who pledged to honor and obey, shacking up with a man who swore to uphold the honor of a knight of the Round table. At least my Isolde had the excuse of a love potion to cover her misdeeds, you both seem to enjoy visiting pain and suffering upon the head of the most gracious and honored King. For shame, a plague upon you both!