Monday, December 13, 2010

My Representation In Art

Though I am not a man to boast wildly about, I must say the artistic representations of my quest are quite extraordinary. My quest to achieve the Holy Grail was a trying one, I had to forsake all the pleasures of Earth to make sure that I was pure and able to achieve the Grail. Many times I over the course of my quest I had to face danger and also face the smiling face of success. One of these instances I remember most fondly.
It was of course the day that good King Arthur knighted me and accepted me into the Round Table. There is no greater honor in all of the land than to be in the company of the best knights in the world. I wore red and knelt before the magnificent King and was brought into the same majestic circle of fantastically talented men, such as my father Lancelot. Before the eyes of God I was bestowed the title that makes men quiver with fear and women quiver with passion. But alas I had no time for the quivering of women, even though I do deserve their quivering.
Though I may have suffered and was tortured by the arduous task of achieving the Grail, it was all worth it in the end, my name shall ring out through the ages, for I am Sir Galahad, Knight of the Round Table, Champion of the Holy Grail.

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Merlin said...

Sir Galahad,

In the creation of the Round Table with King Arthur, I wanted to design a ceremonial gathering that was similar to the Last Supper. My goal was to instill a sense of faith among the knights of the Round Table. As one of these knights, you have seen the Grail, a holy bowl that is said to bear Jesus' grace. You have achieved a formidable task, which has led to the death of many unfaithful knights.

However, your boasting towards the end strikes me as odd. As a knight of the Round Table, your resistance to lustful passions has been most admirable, but be aware of your boasting. Do not fall in the sways of pride, for pride is no less than lust.