Sunday, December 12, 2010

Arthur- I appreciate your attempt to avenge me.

In the great tale the Alliterative Morte Arthure, my noble death is told, and unfortunately my murder at the hands of a traitor is told. The truth of my valor is written of perfectly. It is true I charged an enemy and attacked full on. For I believed that no knight could match me, and my skill was superior to all others. I of course valiantly killed a powerful knight, only to be slain by a cowardly traitor from behind. It is only fitting a knight of my stature and fortitude his killed from behind at the hands of a traitor. If he had faced me man to man, his skill would have never matched mine. I obviously had to ride into the ranks to avenge my own death, since the traitor couldn't kill me swiftly. My wound was mortal, but with my dying breath I had to speak to my King, to once again show my loyalty to him. The King was do distressed by my death, for he knew he lost one of his most loyal and greatest men, that he was influenced to charge the enemy and slay many of them. I appreciate greatly the valor the great King Arthur showed in avenging my death. I believe that my death influenced him to be so great and powerful in battle. His sadness over losing me gave him great power on the battle field. In the end, my death gave more power to the legend of Arthur and his prowess on the battle field. So I thank you King Arthur, for I know you thank me.

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