Friday, December 3, 2010

The Glory of the Holy Grail

It is quite wondrous that the story of Grail is told with such accuracy and commitment. My sacrifices aside, the Grail is victory not only for me, but for all of Arthur's court. The savageries suffered by King Arthur's knight were all for good reason, the Grail is paramount to all other quests. The noble knights of the Court, especially Sir Percival, quested tirelessly to achieve the Grail, of course only I was able to do so and in that accomplishment my end, but nevertheless it was all worth it to acheive what was most important in this world. More over my exploits have been documented and I am no friend of aimless boasting and pride is a sin, but it is true that I am the great knight that Arthur claimed me to be. I'm more than a man who quests for the Grail, I am a man who valiantly defeats his adversaries in a most glorious fashion and has womanly attention lavished upon me endlessly. I turn them away as I am bound for much greater things, but I still enjoy the lavishing that the fair and radiant maidens give me. I am much relieved that after such a long time, I have gained my just reverence for my actions.


Bertilak's Lady said...

It seems you're quite situated on that high horse of yours, Galahad. But the truth is I'm unable to fully congratulate you on your victory because to me, amongst others it appears that you came out of nowhere. And you believe you are bound for much greater things than a woman? I'd be careful what you say for I am certain I could get you to retract those words just when you least expect it.

Marie de France said...

Look at you boast, knight! Is it not against your code of honor to be so full of yourself? Especially for an act that Arthur himself sees no use in. Think of your kingdom! You know, the one that fell apart when all of you Knights of The Round Table went searching for this supposed Holy Grail. What about the people you're supposed to protect? How much disease spread when you all abandoned your duties! You knights are supposed to be the best of men, but all you care about is showing who can be the most powerful. I expected better, especially from you Galahad.