Monday, December 13, 2010

Arthur's Aimless Search for the Grail

I fear Tim the Enchanter from the movie, Monty Python, was indoctrinated in necromancy. His violent bolts of fire wreaked havoc across a desolate terrain of Britain. When in search of the Holy Grail, Arthur and his knights confronted this wretched man. Arthur was led to believe that the Holy Grail lied in a cave. However, he and his knights were beguiled by the innocent appearance of a white rabbit, which is said to protect this relic. Some knights perished in the fight against this creature. Indeed, they were led astray by the false prophet.

My presence would have made no difference, for Arthur himself must learn to trust his heart. As King, Arthur seems to struggle to maintain cohesion among his knights. He is depicted as a gullible authority by listening to Tim. I’m afraid Arthur is blinded by his search for an unattainable thing. The Grail may very well be an aimless desire of man, which is pursued by ideological motive.

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