Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monty Python

The film was an incredibly witty spoof of our court at Camelot. Among the most memorable parts was the public's general disregard for King Arthur's authority. It was nice to see a comedic side to a sometimes too serious lifestyle. In addition to this, I was also surprised to see myself being defeated so quickly by a defenseless bunny. I was depicted as an impetuous knight, resembling more Sir Kay than myself. But, the rabbit was ferociously evil, and perhaps I would not have stood a chance to actually defeat it. The film adaptation was delightfully clever and entertaining.


The Giant of St. Michael's Mount said...

For a change I do not want to rip off the heads who are in the residence in of all the land of Camelot. The creators of the Monty Python portray in the absolute accuracy the demeanor and wit belonging to all the knights belonging to the Round Table. Brave Sir Robin...HA HA HA!

Merlin said...

Sir Bors,

You haven't heeded Tim the Enchanter's advice. You were fooled by a cute bunny along with the others! HA! I wouldn't have fallen into that pathetic trap. Tim warned you of the savage bunny. His prophecies are always true. But, his candle lights never reached the intensity of my meteor showers.

I wasn't there to witness the fate of Arthur and his knights. Arthur finally resorted to the Holy Hand Grenade, I heard. I must admit though your death was amusing to say the least.

The Greatest Sorceror in Arthurian Romance