Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Abbey Paintings

The begining of my quest to view the Abbey paintings was of relative ease. I entered the large edifice and procured the renderings tirelessly. At first, I could not find them but was still mesmerized by all of the other ones the BPL had to offer. My eyes finally gazed across the hall and caught what to me appeared to be Sir Galahad achieving the grail. I eagerly made my way towards the painting when I was stopped by one of the guards. I politely asked to view the paintings, but was rejected. So I hid in the corridor and surreptitiously snuck in unwatched and unscathed. I was peasantly surprised with Abbey's representation of our quest to find the Holy Grail. My favorite one was Sir Galahad in a red tunic accepting the Grail, and Perceval and I kneeling in our full armor. The saints dressed in white in back of us was also a nice touch, though that was not the exact way that it occurred. Overall, it was quite the experience to witness such a wonderful interpretation of our quest to find the Holy Grail.


The Giant of St. Michael's Mount said...

Were to attacked by the lions at the gate too? Their stone teeth rip through the bones belonging to the most fearful knights. But I went unobserved by the guard because he was already attempting to redirect another passer. Ha!(Stealth was my friend that day!) I agree with you Bors, the paintings did not portray the events as they happened. My favorite was Galahad attacking the other knights. The posture belonging to him appeared so alien.

Ygrene said...

While the aggression of the paintings were almost too much for me, I must agree with you both men. The story as I know it was not followed. I remember then dear Galahad as being pure and honorable, these pictures twisted him in a very dissatisfying way.